Being forgotten

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This week at the dialysis center the Kidney doctor came in and asked me “why don’t you get a kidney transplant”. I told him that I was waiting for Shands Hospital to tell me whether or not I can get a transplant before or after I received treatment for my hepatitis C. He said check in with them because it would be safer with a transplant then continuing on with dialysis. So my wife called Shands for to ask these questions. That’s when we found out that the person who is taking care of our requests had retired. The nurse practitioner  who writes up my labs so they can be taken had left the hospital. She asked who was taking care of my case now? They told her that my case hasn’t been reassigned as of yet. So we asked when it would be reassigned? They didn’t know when but  would get back to us as soon as they knew.

Still waiting for a call.

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