Now a kidney

Well the liver is doing good. So we can start working towards a new kidney. If I get a new kidney they will just add it to the ones I have already making a the third. There is no subtraction unless one of the kidneys I have has something seriously  wrong with it. My wife is trying to donate.

The Hep C treatment has seemed to work and they have declared me cured.  After all the stays in the hospital and a couple of blood transfusions I am “cured”.  Hopefully the blood transfusion don’t slow down the process of getting a new kidney.  Each blood transfusions causes your body to build up antibodies which makes it harder to match you to another.

Week Six

Still fighting this cold.  It is making it very hard for me to eat.  I eat a little less for breakfast.  Half of what I eat for Lunch and a third of what I normally eat for dinner.  Most of the things I was suppose to get done this week did not get done.  The doctors gave me a chest xray and said it is not pneumonia.  So at this time I don’t know if the fatigue is brought on by the cold or the medicine.  Hopefully we will get through this pretty quick and we can get on to what is next.  Talk to you next week.

Week two

Week two has not gone as well as week one.  Luckily my joints still feel pretty good.  My arm strength has seemed to stayed.  My legs seem to get weak when I stand on them for any length of time.  They feel like I am walking in mud and they don’t feel as “solid” as they use to.  I don’t know if I am weaker from the medicine or just not use to feeling the joints in my legs working that well.  I am having trouble sleeping at night.  I get up about every night and move to the couch so I can lay in a recliner with a fan on.  I am not tolerating temperatures very well.  I go from cold chills to heat sweats.  The other problem I am having is that my skin is getting really itchy.    I am still glad I am taking the medicine and from what I hear my numbers are getting better.  Talk to you next week.

Outpatient rehab

Now I am at home with my family. Three times a week I have to go to a rehab clinic. This time at least they will teach me how to walk.

You start each session by bicycling in a stationary bike. Then you lift weights with your legs. You’ll learn how many different ways they can add weights to your legs and make you bend. When you go home they will give you bands to exercise with. It took me about three months before I was able to take my first steps. When you take your first steps they count how many steps you take so you can take more the next. I believe I was up to about 12 steps then they told me I had to stop.

I needed a hernia operation.  I had needed it before the liver transplant. They could not do the operation with all the other things going on. But now that I was doing so much better they decided I could handle the operation. When you get a hernia operation there is no heavy lifting for three months. The only way I could stand up was the lift myself up with my arms. So for the next three months I was stuck in my wheelchair again.

Once those three months had passed we had to start all over again. This time they began again to get me walking longer distances. Kinda. What I mean by kinda is that on occasion I tripped. One time my son took me to see my kidney doctor. On the way out of the doctor’s office I told him to go get the car because I only had a few steps to the bench. That is where I was going to sit down. But instead of sitting down, I fell onto the bench and then onto the ground. When my son came with the car a minute later, he got to see me on the ground surrounded by people. When I was taken to the emergency room, they gave me an x-ray. The x-ray said that I broke a rib on the right side. There was another time my father-in-law took me shopping at Lowe’s. We were just there to get some things for the house. Unfortunately we had just left rehab and I had to go to the bathroom. I went to the handicap bathroom and locked the door behind me. Afterwards my father-in-law would never let me forget this. This is probably the maddest I ever made him. This was because when I tried to transfer myself from the wheelchair to the toilet seat I fell. I fell so hard I had to go to the emergency room. But first, he had to get the stall door open. There’s no room in their stalls the climb under. Once he got me out and took me to the emergency room they did a CT scan. They found out that I had a fracture of the right transversal process at L2 and L3 in my back. Or in other words I broke my back.