Now the kidneys

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Now another thing that hepatitis C took out was my kidneys. To prepare for when my kidneys would fail they needed to put in a fistula. A fistula is where they connect your artery to a vein usually in your arm.  The connection to the artery causes the pressure to build in the vein and the vein then gets larger.  So they first tried to put it in my left wrist but that didn’t work. So they had to go back in and reverse what they did with my left wrist and try further up the arm. Once they got it working around my elbow they had to move the vein further towards the center of my bicep. This would make it easier for them to connect me to the machine. Altogether it took about three operations to get it all done. Then we found out that it was in and working but not at the correct rate of velocity. So they went in one more time and put in a stint. So now whenever it came time for me to start dialysis I would be ready.

Things are pretty well going okay when all of a sudden I had chest pains. I went to the emergency room to have it checked out. They checked my heart out and found a pleural effusion. So they had to go through other tests to check the heart. I took a stress test and had several x-rays of my chest. This is when they determined I needed to start dialysis. This all happened around the Fourth of July. So when they started me on dialysis they told me I could not leave the hospital until I had a dialysis center that would take me. Since it was Fourth of July weekend there is nobody open who could take me. So for the next four days I was stuck in the hospital so that they could do dialysis on me.

When everybody came back to work after the holidays they said it would take a few days to get all the approvals. My insurance company is very nice.  They had given me a phone number where I can call to see if I’m approved for procedures and etc. So I called them, they said that everything was approved on their end. I told them of the problem I was having and that the hospital said it would take days to get out of here. They told me to call down to the nurse in charge every 30 minutes until they got me a center to go to. I did that for about 2 1/2 hours. Then they told me to stop calling they were going as fast as they could. So I did what they asked and I stopped calling. Instead I had my wife call every 30 minutes. By the end of the day they found a Center for me. So I was discharged that night and got to go home

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