Week One

We finally got the medicine.  We are now heading up to the hospital to see how to use it.  Remember this is a three hour and a half trip one way.  It comes in a box that holds 7 daily boxes.  In each of the daily boxes is 3 pills marked am (we were … [Continue reading]

Week two

Week two has not gone as well as week one.  Luckily my joints still feel pretty good.  My arm strength has seemed to stayed.  My legs seem to get weak when I stand on them for any length of time.  They feel like I am walking in mud and they don't … [Continue reading]

The cure has arrived.

The doctors have told us that they are willing to give me a treatment for the Hep C.  This new treatment is called Viekira Pak by Abbvie.  They brought me in and gave me the prescription for it and tell me that as soon as I receive the medicine I … [Continue reading]

The right arm working. What next?

The right arm has been working but they had to clean it out. This is a small procedure done at the hospital. They did then once on the left arm. Hopefully this one come out better. There also is talk about a cure that I will be able to take but that … [Continue reading]

Getting the teeth taking care

I finally found a local dentist that would remove my  four bad teeth in my mouth. It took a blood test to make sure my platelets were high enough. In the end they said they would remove the teeth. This doesn't sound like much but I've been turned … [Continue reading]

Being forgotten

This week at the dialysis center the Kidney doctor came in and asked me "why don't you get a kidney transplant". I told him that I was waiting for Shands Hospital to tell me whether or not I can get a transplant before or after I received treatment … [Continue reading]

Now the right arm

When they first started to use the right arm the whole arm bruised up. Both the surgeon and the kidney doctor looked at my arm and said it was up to me when I wanted them to take the port out? I said I wanted out so we took the chance and had it … [Continue reading]

The right arm

They decided it would be okay to put the fistula in the right arm. I went to the hospital at about 10:30 in the morning. This time they used the left arm to put in the I. V. and take the blood pressure. They had to put the IV close to the hand so … [Continue reading]

Around and Around We Go Again

The new graft has been working now for about two weeks. So now it's time to have the port taken out and get back to normal. I went to the hospital and had the port removed on Friday. I went to dialysis on Saturday at the end of which I had 101° … [Continue reading]

New graft

I came home one day and  showed my wife a bubble on my hybrid fistula graft. She looked at it and said it look like an infection.  So we contacted my kidney doctor and told her what we saw. She immediately made an appointment for me to see the … [Continue reading]