Removing a basal cell

I've had a small sore on my right leg for the last four years. With everything else settling down I was finally able to go to the dermatologist and have it checked out. This is about the sixth time I've been to the dermatologist to be checked out. … [Continue reading]

Removing the port

Now that the fistula is working properly it's time to have the port removed. In some cases they do this in the office. In my case no procedure can be done in the office and must be done as an outpatient. So we went to the hospital where they told us … [Continue reading]

News of hep c cure

We make plans to go back to the big hospital so they could  check to make sure that the hole from the tooth healed properly. While we were there we stopped by the liver department so they could check me out and tell me of any new information. They … [Continue reading]

Fistula: still waiting for it to work right

It's time to try to use the fistula again. We start the same way we started the first time with both 17 needle. Then we'll go to the 16 needle and finally the 15. Needles are based on resistance just like wires. So the larger the number the smaller … [Continue reading]


The fistula is on the mend and I am still using the port in my chest. It has finally come time to go to the dentist and get my three teeth out. This will involve me going to the dialysis center at 5:30 AM. Then leaving for a 3 1/2 hour drive to go to … [Continue reading]

Still trouble with fistula

Now the hospital had stitched up the fistula and had dialysis treatment I thought it was safe to go back to the dialysis center. On my next treatment I went and had the dialysis done. The only problem that happened was that a golf ball sized lump … [Continue reading]

Trouble with Fistula

After one of my dialysis treatments a bubble formed at the bottom of the fistula. (It was swollen, sore and a little red).  My wife was worried it had gotten infected.  This looked very unusual to us so we went to the emergency clinic to have it … [Continue reading]

My timeline in pictures.

    … [Continue reading]

MY pills

Some of the new sites I have joined have asked me what pills I take.  So I will try to give you a list of how, what and how often. Synthroid  once daily either 150mg or 100 mg depending on the day. This is three pills or two depending on the … [Continue reading]

The Teeth

This week, after a 4 1/2 month wait, I was finally able to get in to the dentist at Shands Hospital. This was only the initial visit so all they did was look at my teeth. For that I had to pay $156. The answer they came up with is to wait for weeks … [Continue reading]