Week Four

This is going to be the week all the big blood tests are going to be due.  We will find out about the change in the viral load and all the other numbers.  So far the numbers have been looking good that we can tell.  The doctor has started reducing my Medrol.  If everything goes right, I will be off it in about a month.  I am still having problems with bruising.  I am also having problems with the sun.  I have gone to wearing a hat and sunglasses during the day.  As far as the itching skin, we are trying something new.  I am using Aloe aftercare.  That is the stuff that you put on after you get a sunburn.  It is helping much more than using moisturizing lotions.

I am having some problems with my leg muscles.  They seem to be cramping and always seem to be tight.  Eating is still going okay.

Our second month’s supply of pills came this week.  That will do it.  Talk to you next week.


Week Three

Week Three is going pretty well.  The worst thing about it is I still have diarrhea in the morning which started in week two.  We were able to cut the Medrol in half from 8 mg to 4 mg and my joints are still doing great.   We even took our furniture off their risers.  It does seem though that my eyes are getting a little more sensitive to the sun.  So we bought a hat and sunglasses .  Besides that everything seems to be going good.  Talk to you in week four.

Week two

Week two has not gone as well as week one.  Luckily my joints still feel pretty good.  My arm strength has seemed to stayed.  My legs seem to get weak when I stand on them for any length of time.  They feel like I am walking in mud and they don’t feel as “solid” as they use to.  I don’t know if I am weaker from the medicine or just not use to feeling the joints in my legs working that well.  I am having trouble sleeping at night.  I get up about every night and move to the couch so I can lay in a recliner with a fan on.  I am not tolerating temperatures very well.  I go from cold chills to heat sweats.  The other problem I am having is that my skin is getting really itchy.    I am still glad I am taking the medicine and from what I hear my numbers are getting better.  Talk to you next week.

The cure has arrived.

The doctors have told us that they are willing to give me a treatment for the Hep C.  This new treatment is called Viekira Pak by Abbvie.  They brought me in and gave me the prescription for it and tell me that as soon as I receive the medicine I will have to come back.  Then they would show me how to use it.

At this time, I figure I am on my way and everything is going smoothly and I will have the new treatment.  Three weeks later the pharmacy finally calls and all I have to do is come up with my copay.  I have private insurance and Medicare A and B.  So I was hoping the copay would be reasonable.  What it turned out to be was over $2000 a month for six months.  They would not be able to send the medicine until they received the copay.  So my wife and I were trying to figure out where we were going to come up with this money.  The pharmacy then said that if we couldn’t come up with the copay that they might have another way.  Thanks to a grant from Patient Access Network foundation we are getting the medicine.  They gave us a $15,000 grant to pay for the medicine.  I thank them greatly for this and we should be starting the medicine soon.