Staph or Strep

A couple of months later I woke up unable to move my leg.  I was rushed to the hospital.  They told me that I had a staff infection. It had started in one leg and  spread to the other leg.  Surgeons came in 4 times a day to see if they would have to operate.  They gave me antibiotics through IVs while in the hospital and later when I was sent home with nursing care.  This was going to become the easy stuff; it would get much harder. This would be the first time I spent time in wheelchair but not the last.  How they did the home care was kind of interesting. They sent a box of supplies that consisted of a stand and bags of antibiotic and a bunch of other little stuff. My wife would take out the antibiotics  an hour before I would use them. At least that was the way it was supposed to work. A lot of the days it would still be cold. The nurses were there on an hourly basis so she’d have to put in my arm cold. And so first thing in the morning I would spend two hours with a cold IV in my arm. It’s only refrigerated cold not freezer cold. It was put in through this thing they had in my arm that had three ports on it. One is for the IV and another to take blood and I don’t know what the third one was used for. That had to stay in my arm the entire time they did this treatment.

At this time I was living in a house that was about 2400 square ft. So the master bedroom and bath formal dining room and family room and office were on one side of the house and on the other side of the house was the family room, kids room, their bathroom and kitchen. We were able to put a gate up between the two. This allowed my wife to wake me up in the morning  and move me to the other side of the house. This was so when the nurse came, she wouldn’t have to deal with our dogs. The only downside was to this was that I could not get to the front door. We were able to leave the garage door open to allow the nurse to come through the garage to get into the house. This worked great unless they send somebody new. They would come to the front door.We were unable to keep the house due to my illness. The new house we moved is less than 1000 square ft. The house is much easier for me to get around in. So I guess some things work out for the best whether you think they will or not.