News of hep c cure

We make plans to go back to the big hospital so they could ┬ácheck to make sure that the hole from the tooth healed properly. While we were there we stopped by the liver department so they could check me out and tell me of any new information. They had great news of a new cure for hepatitis C. Right now it’s in a study which means ┬áthat only certain people can get into. There’s about eight protocols that if you have one of them you won’t qualify. That’s okay. I have all eight. Things like I’ve been treated twice; I’ve had major surgery. I’ve also had major complications from surgery. So for right now though they are giving it to people who are in dialysis but have never been treated for hepatitis C before. If they don’t die or get sicker then they’ll be able to give it to me. If all this works out and they are able to cure my hepatitis C, I will be able to get back on the operating table. I will need a new liver and kidney. I have a good chance of qualifying for these things because I am still young enough and I have AB positive blood. This makes me a universal receiver. So if all goes well by the end of the summer I may be able to start the cure. They said if I get the cure it will lower globulin in my blood system which means I will have an easier time of moving around. Right now it acts like rheumatoid arthritis.