Getting the teeth taking care

I finally found a local dentist that would remove my ¬†four bad teeth in my mouth. It took a blood test to make sure my platelets were high enough. In the end they said they would remove the teeth. This doesn’t sound like much but I’ve been turned down by University dentist and a couple of local dentists. After the procedure I bled for about four days. I even had to cut one of my dialysis treatments by a couple of hours because I couldn’t take the blood rolling down my throat. Finally at the end I found it easier just to keep my mouth shut. That means no talking; not much eating; and very little to drink. Once I did this the bleeding did stop. The bleeding was the only real issue they had with taking out the teeth hopefully I will not have to to have any other teeth taken out any time soon.


The fistula is on the mend and I am still using the port in my chest. It has finally come time to go to the dentist and get my three teeth out. This will involve me going to the dialysis center at 5:30 AM. Then leaving for a 3 1/2 hour drive to go to the closest dentist that will still work on me. This hopefully will be the last time we will need to use the port my chest.

Once I get to the dentist the first thing they do is hand me a bill. After I pay my bill they will do the work. When I finally get into the dentist chair it goes like any other dentist would do. They numb you up and get to work. After that they go through the medicines and painkillers that I will be taking. Once we look at it, we know that I cannot take any of these medicines for painkillers. Then we talked to the kidney doctors to find out what medicines and painkillers I can take. They allow me to take the amoxicillin but in a smaller dose. This doesn’t last long because I start breaking out in little red dots and I am itching everywhere. So I finally have to change that medicine too.

After they removed my teeth and they tell me that the roots of one of the teeth was long enough to make it to my nasal cavity. This means I will be making a another trip back to the dentist. That’s when they will make sure the hole from my mouth into my nasal cavity has closed up. Now that they’re done the right side of my face is all bruised up. So I get all those great comments like: what does the other guy look like, why do you get her mad and who would you been fighting. Hopefully now that I have waited about a year and a half to get these teeth out everything else will go smoothly for a while.

The Teeth

This week, after a 4 1/2 month wait, I was finally able to get in to the dentist at Shands Hospital. This was only the initial visit so all they did was look at my teeth. For that I had to pay $156. The answer they came up with is to wait for weeks then at that time I will take a blood test. If my platelets are above 50 they will extract the three teeth. I will have to stay in town overnight to make sure it’s not bleeding. The other option is that my platelets are below 50. If this happens I will have to cancel the appointment. Then make arrangements to be admitted to the hospital. This will mean that they will extract the teeth and keep me for 48 hours of observation. The only real problem I have with either one of these options is what to do with dialysis. If the numbers above 50 I will go into dialysis at 5 AM and get out by 9:30 AM. Then I’ll drive for four hours to get to the hospital where my appointment will be at 3 PM. If the numbers below 50, I will leave it up to the hospital to do my dialysis. Either way my wife will need to ¬†take off work. Thankfully for us, her workplace is very accommodating for our needs. We will not know what days she shall have to take off until after the blood test. Hopefully Quest lab will be prompt in their delivery of the results. This still seems to be to be a lot of trouble just to remove three teeth.