Week One

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We finally got the medicine.  We are now heading up to the hospital to see how to use it.  Remember this is a three hour and a half trip one way.  It comes in a box that holds 7 daily boxes.  In each of the daily boxes is 3 pills marked am (we were told we take that in the morning) and one pill that is marked pm.  (We were told to take that one ….wait for it….in the evening.)  They also signed us up for three surveys.   Two we will take at different times through treatment with a couple after treatment is finished up to a year later.  The other one keeps a sample of my blood and my reaction to the drugs in a big catalog.

My joints are feeling great.  I feel stronger than I have felt for a long time.  I am getting six to seven hours of sleep a night.  Hopefully everything continues along this way.  Talk to you next week.


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